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Professional Chronograph XP

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Determine Exact Velocity To Fine Tune Loads
Accurately keep track of shot velocity data to work your loads up to perfection. Built-in software tracks average velocity, standard deviation, average deviation, and complete spread all at the touch of a button without having to interrupt your shot strings in the middle. Determines correct 100 yard zero setting and where to set point of impact to achieve maximum point blank range for bullet load combinations. Calculate windage, altitude compensation, free recoil, kinetic energy, Taylor knockout, momentum, IPSC power factor and more. Allows a complete statistical analysis of every shot string. Download all of your velocity data to your computer in spreadsheet form to save and evaluate all of your shooting data over many years of range time. Includes built-in alpha numeric printer, full function ballistic computer, as well as a complete library of virtually every cartridge manufactured today.


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